Collaboration For The Environment

Meet the climate innovators who are developing solutions to protect the planet's future.

Partners in the Sustainability Fund

  • Direct Air Capture
  • Reforestation
  • Ocean
  • Soil

Taking carbon straight from the atmosphere and storing it securely and indefinitely.


Climeworks' gold-standard direct air capture method collects CO2 from the atmosphere, where it is permanently stored underground. Climeworks is able to attract consumers, arrange project funding, and expand its technology thanks to Shopify's 5,000-tonne purchase—the firm just inaugurated Orca, the world's biggest direct air capture facility at 4,000 tonnes per year.

Carbon Engineering

Carbon Engineering's proven direct air capture technology draws in air and removes CO2, and the business is collaborating with partners to construct industrial facilities capable of capturing one million tonnes of CO2 per year. Shopify is its first client, acquiring 10,000 tonnes, indicating that purchasers want permanent carbon removal and that large-scale direct air capture technology is a critical response to climate change.


Noya absorbs CO2 from the air carried by existing cooling towers, which may be found on the roofs of nearly every business and industrial structure. Shopify's acquisition, as its first customer, will help support Noya's pilot project to show the technology's global applicability.


Sustaera develops modular direct air capture technology that costs less than $100/tonne at scale by utilising naturally plentiful, abundant materials that collect atmospheric CO2 quickly and can be effectively regenerated using renewable energy. Sustaera's acquisition with Shopify will allow it to demonstrate its technology and accelerate adoption.

Forest planting, restoration, and protection to allow trees to store more carbon.


DroneSeed reforests wildfire-affected land by combining heritage techniques with modern technology in order to minimise the increasing loss of trees due to climate change. Shopify is purchasing carbon offsets from DroneSeed's largest offset project to date, which will replace 300 acres of forest destroyed in Oregon's Beachie Creek Fire in 2020.


Pachama uses machine learning and remote monitoring to verify forest carbon projects, providing a new level of security for forest carbon credits. The acquisition of Pachama-verified credits by Shopify is an important indicator of what quality is acceptable for corporations acquiring forest carbon credits.

Increasing the world's greatest carbon sink while decreasing ocean acidification.

Running Tide

Running Tide develops kelp and sinks it to the ocean floor, where CO2 is stored indefinitely. Shopify, as its first client, is boosting awareness for Running Tide's solution while funding vital research. Shopify has broadened its support by signing a letter of intent for future credits, which Running Tide will use in discussions with stakeholders.

Planetary Tech

Planetary Tech's technique increases the ocean's inherent capacity to trap and store CO2, reducing ocean acidification while producing green hydrogen as a byproduct. Shopify's purchase, as its first purchaser, is supporting essential R&D and aiding in the funding of Planetary Tech's first pilot facility.

Using particular agricultural practises to improve soil health and carbon levels.

Grassroots Carbon

The carbon credit technique developed by Grassroots Carbon assists ranchers in changing land management practises to promote soil and ecological health, therefore capturing and storing more carbon in soil. Shopify, as its first customer, has assisted Grassroots Carbon in attracting additional ranchers and credit purchasers, as well as scaling up to the point where it is measuring soil carbon and sending payments to ranchers.


Indigo's carbon programme compensates farmers for capturing and storing carbon in soil, assisting agriculture in transitioning from a major contributor to climate change to a key component of the solution. The Shopify purchase will help raise farmer knowledge about soil carbon storage and boost demand for soil carbon credits from other purchasers.


Loam creates a microbial seed coating that boosts soil carbon as well as crop yields while being simple to apply, laying the framework for gigatonne-scale CO2 removal. The acquisition by Shopify will allow Loam to grow its technology more quickly and undertake increased soil carbon measurements, increasing the trust of future purchasers in soil carbon credits.